By tailoring our lessons to the individual, we aim to nurture the initial excitement that comes with learning any language and, in turn, help our students become truly global citizens.

Meet the Team


At Linguistika Languages we take pride in providing our students with language tuition of the highest quality. Following a decade's worth of experience working with students ranging from two years of age to adulthood, our team of native French and German speakers is proud to be revolutionizing the way in which these two languages are taught around the world.

As a business we are dedicated to helping our students become truly global citizens through the acquisition of languages. Whether you are looking to advance your career, boost your confidence or deepen your understanding of other cultures, we would be happy to help you achieve your language goals in a way that is engaging and enjoyable.​

With its humble beginnings as a high school scholar's first job, Linguistika was founded by Stephanie Schaffrath in 2011 with the initial intention of serving the Johannesburg community wishing to learn German.

Following her own experience of being educated in German, despite coming from an English-speaking home, Stephanie knew first hand the difficulties faced by many bilingual scholars and, in turn, decided to become the person she needed when she was younger.

While, over time, Linguistika has introduced various other services, the core of the business remains: To help people achieve their true potential.​​

Our teaching philosophy is guided by five core principles:

1. Learning a new language is fun and exciting.

We are all born with a love for learning about new people and a natural desire to discover the world around us. Our aim is therefore to provide our students with the skills they need to do exactly that, while also nurturing the initial excitement that comes with learning a new language.

2. Each and every student is unique and deserves to be educated accordingly.

At Linguistika, we take pride in treating each of our students as individuals with a unique set of goals and experiences. We believe students learn best when a language is presented in a way that helps them draw the connection between the language/s they already speak and the language they are attempting to learn. Furthermore, we ensure that a combination of learning styles is incorporated into each of our lessons, with particular emphasis on the learning styles that have proven successful for a particular student in the past.

3. A student’s progress is unlimited when their learning environment allows them to make mistakes without shame.

Mastering a language is all about confidence. For this reason, is it important to ensure that students feel confident enough to attempt something new without the fear of making a mistake. We believe that, no matter how long it takes, progress is something to be proud of and should always be rewarded with positive feedback.

4. Languages can be learnt at any age.

At Linguistika, we believe that, given the right motivation and attention, there is no limit in terms of how far a student can advance. It is never too early or too late to learn a language and students of all ages and levels of proficiency should be encouraged to challenge themselves and further develop their language ability.

5. Teaching students the skills they need to function independently is key.

At Linguistika our aim is to teach our students skills, not content. Our mission is to provide an education that equips our students with the life skills they need to continue learning and developing outside of their lessons. Ultimately, our goal is for each of our students to reach a point where they no longer need a tutor because they have mastered the skills they need to continue learning on their own.

Linguistika is a South African based business that was first established in 2011 and has since grown in leaps and bounds to become the multifaceted organisation that it is today. We take pride in nurturing the initial excitement that comes with learning a new language through tailoring our approach to the unique learning style of each individual.

Linguistika and COVID-19

In response to the South African National State of Disaster, as declared by President Cyril Ramaphosa, all of our lessons are still taking place online. Other local services may take place in person but only under strict COVID-19 protocols. 


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